Since our inception, AmRisc, LLC has been delivering outstanding results in underwriting, outperforming industry metrics year over year. We’re known for our careful evaluation of property risks, execution and meticulous portfolio management. Our expertise and proprietary technology positions us to provide stability and exceptional portfolio performance while developing new products for an ever-changing marketplace.

Underwriting Expertise and Execution

  • 17+ years average Underwriter experience.
  • Product specialization with teams organized around occupancies and/or risk geography.
  • Over 95% of locations are inspected to confirm risk characteristics.

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

  • Using RiscTrack, we assess and manage probable maximum loss (PML) across portfolios, which allows us to customize reports down to individual risk levels. We provide customized monthly reporting to each carrier.
  • We stay on top of market trends, such as rates and return on capital, generating more than 500 monthly reports.



We simplify accounting, claims management and underwriting for all our brands by bringing these services under one group. At AmRisc, our underwriting staff is organized around product specialization. Our staff is made up of more than 75 specialist underwriters and more than 100 support staff, with each team focused on a specific class of risk and/or specific CAT zone. Our proven approach shows specialization yields stronger results than generalist underwriters.

Meet Our Team of Experts

Claims Management Simplified

Our online claims portal, streamlines the claims process with faster data intake, triaging, field communication and real-time evaluation for field adjusters. Sedgwick Delegated Authority (SDA), our Third Party Administrator (TPA), shares our commitment to delivering superior customer service and a fast, fair and accurate adjustment process for every insured.

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