The following spreadsheets and documents are produced for our clients’ convenience, assist with preparing the correct documentation for submissions, or to demonstrate certain of our unique forms. We continue to try to be responsive to our clients’ needs in an expedient and positive way.

General Resources

Specific Applications for Tech Property Risks

 Tech Risk Questionnaires are provided to help expedite information gathering on the front-end to streamline the submission process for our clients. 
 Please select the appropriate link below to choose the form that most closely fits your operations.


Angela Matthews
Toll Free: 888-919-8142
Direct: 281-257-5151

Marcus Kelley
Toll Free: 888-919-8142
Direct: 281-257-5195

AmRisc TECH Property Risk

Target Classes

Our AmRisc TECH Risk Product brings your company cost-effective insurance solutions addressing the unique hazards that exist in your industrial & manufacturing facilities. Across a broad range of classes we bring a wealth of risk engineering experience to the underwriting process coupled with secure per risk & catastrophe capacity.

Plastics Manufacturing: Extrusion, Blowmolding, Rubber mixing, Recycling (download questionnaire)

Paperworking & Printing Operations: Carton/bag converting, Newsprint & High Gloss Printing, Recycling (download questionnaire)

Woodworking: Furniture, Cabinetry, Lumber Yard (download questionnaire)

Textile & Cloth Working: Synthetic, Natural Fiber spinning, Clothworking, Dyeing, Tannery (download questionnaire)

Metalworking & Machine Shops: Fabrication, Auto Parts, Machinery, Forging, Stamping, Molding, Casting (download questionnaire)

Food Processing: Prepared Foods, Dairy, Bakery, Meat Processing, Candy & Confectionery, Cold Storage (download questionnaire)

Electronics & Electrical Equipment Assembly: Audio/Video equipment assembly, electrical gear, medical instrumentation (download questionnaire)

Mineral Products: Concrete, Stone, Glass, Brick and Clay (download questionnaire)

Specialty Chemical Processing: Inorganic and organic mix/blend or mild reaction conditions (download questionnaire)

Paint Manufacturing: Latex and acrylic-based, lacquers, varnishes, dye blending & packaging (download questionnaire)

Warehouses: All products above stored (download questionnaire)

Loss Questionnaire: TECH Risk Questionnaire-LOSS

Vacant Questionnaire: TECH Vacant Questionnaire

Security Available: Lloyds, Renaissance Reinsurance (RenRe), QBE, Steadfast, Princeton E&S

Excluded Risks: Underground Mining, Over water structures

Geographical Specialty: United States risks with incidental non-US exposure

Target TIV: $10M to $500M

Target Account Limit: Up to $250M Per Risk for protected risks

Minimum Deductible: $5,000 (Scaled for Account/Risk Size)

Minimum Account Premium: $25,000

Send all submissions to
See downloads for specimen forms, questionnaires, product descriptions

Submission Information

The following documents are provided for our producers’ convenience. They are designed to help the producer identify pertinent information to include in the submission and allows AmRisc to quickly route risks to the correct underwriting teams. Utilization of these documents and tools results in a clearance process that is streamlined and more efficient.

Remember, quotes cannot be extended nor re-quoted. It is critical that the correct inception date is submitted.

To submit risks to AmRisc:
General Telephone: 281-257-6700
Toll Free: 888-919-8142

Tools for Completing AmRisc SOV

The following information is provided for our clients’ convenience to assist with preparing complete and accurate information on the AmRisc Statement of Values (SOV). This, in turn, sets an opportunity for a more seamless, expedited interaction with our underwriting teams.

NEW AmRisc SOV, Excel Template (compatible with MSExcel 2007, 2010)
AmRisc SOV, Excel Template (compatible with MSExcel 97-2003)

Construction Class Guide
ISO Types 1-6

Roof Information
Frame-Roof Deck
Type of Covering

Exterior Cladding
Types of Cladding
What is EIFS?

Distance to Coast
Calculate Distance to Coast
(This tool works with Google Maps and maintains all the useful tools provided via Google Maps.)

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