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Chronos Submission Guidelines

Submit risks to: Upon receipt of a COMPLETE submission (SB), Chronos Underwriters will advise clearance status and the assigned Underwriter. Chronos Underwriters uses Central Time Zone as the official clearance time.

Underwriting may reject those submissions without Mandatory information (per AmRisc SOV) and take the next SB in line. Until receipt of clearance status, send all correspondence to

Accounts submitted on an AmRisc SOV (see website) will be handled first. Include brief description: agent; competition; incumbents; expiring & target terms. If the submitted inception date changes, quotes may not be able to be extended or re-quoted. Chronos Underwriters may then entertain binding orders from any producer. The better the submission, the closer it gets to the top of the stack. Binding orders are handled on a priority basis.

Admitted Capacity ($ millions)

ACIC - $75M max any one building
Journey - $5M to $50M; Class A Apartments; Single Location

In-house E&S Max Capacity ($ millions)

Full Value - $300M / location
Layered - $300M / occurrence


Insurance To Value on coastal accts to $250M key loc & $500M TIV.
Primary $300M on coastal accts to $2.5B TIV.
Target TIV: $5M to $2.5B max.
AmRisc Online: $7.5M or less - specific guidelines apply.
Real Estate, Habitational, Public Entity & Manufacturing accounts.


$5,000 AOP, except $1,000 Condos
$2.5M TIV*
$500 Inspection Fee (does not apply to ACIC)
$10,000 term premium*

*Min TIV & Premium Requirements don't apply to AmRisc Online & ACIC

Submission Coordinators

Janie Grayson

Catherine Zirilli

Chronos Underwriters Team

Underwriting Team is assigned as per the Predominant exposure classification.

CEO                      President

John Allen                           Chris Narron

General Property

(Maximum $50M TIV at key location or maximum $250M account TIV)

Note: Accounts that are predominantly habitational (apartments) will stay with General Property regardless of the TIV.

Team Manager:
Kim Colbert

Technical Risks

Industrial & Manufacturing and Builder's Risks

Team Manager:
Jerrod Fruge

National Accts

(More than $50M TIV at key location OR more than $250M account TIV) / Public Entity

Admitted Product


Florida Condo Associations (Admitted & E&S) - High-Rise (5 stories and above)

Team Manager:
Melinda Baker

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